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Terms of use | Terms and conditions

Dear respectable user of Europechat we are welcoming and requesting you to read our terms and conditions and terms of use this chat room, by accessing our web chat site, you have to be agree with our terms of use and boundation of these web chat clients terms and codnitons of use, these all applicable laws and regulations must be agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. if you do not agree with any of these terms then you are prohibited from using or accessing european chat site.

By using our web chat room you are agreeing to be bound with our chatroom rules.

  • User are not allowed to use any abusive, offsensive or vulgar language in chatroom.
  • User cannot use a unacceptable bad nickname that can be abusive offsensive or vulgar for g rated chat room.
  • using duplicate nickname of other users and impersonating administrators or moderators or ny irc operators is not allowed, including these nickname which are related with nickserv, chanserv or any other ircop, like Admin, Manager, Moderator, Administrator, or Chatadmin or any other nickname related Chat room services are in prohibited.
  • User are not allowed to advertise of any 3rd party web chat links in our online chatroom.
  • User cant post any Sexual/Adult or Racial message or pictures in chat rooms.
  • User are not allowed to miss behave and harress any user in chat room.. if a user did result will be banned.
  • User caught harassing, defaming or blackmailing threatening other users result will peremently banned.
  • Using bad nickname and sexual things is prohibited.
  • User must be 13 or older to use our web chat site..
  • User are not allowed to posting copyright materials (images, articles, videos) in chatsite is not allowed.
  • User are not allowed to join chat room for flirt romance or adult/sexual chat in our web chat rooms.
  • User dont share your’s personal information with strangers, what come in personal info, these all things are come in personal info, like picture/photos and number of your contact phone,  Address of your home, Email id and other any stuff which are connected with your real life.

Europeans chat management are reserved the rights to ban anyone whom they think unsafe for the chatroom

Breaking any rules of above these terms and conditions rules will be peramanent banned. Users are requested to report all violators users to Admins or moderators.  if you feel someone admin or moderators are coming against of these terms of uses and rules then contact with owner by clicking Contact us

Europechat management are requesting to all users dont share your real information with anyone in chat room, everyone are strangers here so our team management are available in chat room for helps you, when you feel something un safe by using web chat room contact with admins/moderators for sort out your’s problem and issues. and if you getting any message of threating or offsense by chat room users, inform about it to available that time admin/moderators to kick out these kind users from chat room. inappropriate message sender and person/users are not allowed in our europe chat room.